Data Storage Center
Architecture of Data Storage Center  
Input Data Flow
From owner Data Processing Centers
  • Field data
  • Authenticated data
  • Object data for storage.
From local data processing centers.
  • Temporary data
From other data storage centers
  • Meta-data
Output Data Flow
Requested data
  • To authenticated data users only.
Meta data
  • To other HIS participating data storage centers.
  Hydrological Data Users
  • Hydrological data users will request the Data Storage Center to supply specific hydrological data.
  • The hydrological data users will have only access to the authenticated hydrological data.
  • For search and selection of the required data a Catalogue will be made available.
  • The Data Storage Center will verify the hydrological data user's authorization level.
  • For authorized hydrological data users, the data request may run on the database and the results will be made available to the hydrological data users.
  DSC Functions
  Internal Functions
  • Hydrological database creation & maintenance.
  • Translation of data files into HIS database system.
  • Maintenance and safeguarding of the stored data.
  • Operation of an archive and backup system.
  • Creation and maintenance of local meta-database.
  • Data flow & amount monitoring.
  • Preparation of reports.
External Functions
  • Data import
  • Data Conversion
  • Data formatting
  • HUB service
  • Meta database replication & synchronization.
  • Dissemination of the catalogue.
  • Processing of requests for data.
  • Export of hydrological data.
  • Security on data access.
  • Data Processing Center information
  • User support
  • Communication with other DSCs