Data Dissemination Process
  Hydro metrological data is used by HDUG member for various purposes as listed below
  • Design of Irrigation Projects.
  • Design of Bridges/ Culverts & other Cross Drainage Works.
  • Calibration of various Hydraulic Structures.
  • Water Availability Study.
  • Water Pollution Control Purpose.
  • Flood & Sedimentation Study.
  • Agriculture Development / Crop Water Requirements..
  • Fisheries.
  • Research Study.
  Data Dissemination Process
  • The Registered HDU Member submits his Data Request Form (DRF) online
  • Once DRF is submitted HDU can see his DRF's status online.
  • Office will process the DRF 
  • Mean while HDU can check status of DRF and once the status seen as 'Data Disseminate', can download the data against that DRF.