Scope of Activities of HDUG
  Under Advisory role
  • Advise the member secretary regarding the nature, type, frequency and extent of data generally requested by various   users.
  • Advise the member secretary about possible ways and methods of providing publicity to HIS.
  • Study literature, publicity and education material supplied by the member secretary.
  • Advice on educating institutional and individual users of the HIS data.
  • Make suggestions to incorporate the representative views and needs of data users.
  • Recommend appropriate tariff structure for data dissemination.
  • Suggest best possible means and methods of translating HIS data into comprehensible, user friendly form.
  • Form a task group selected from the sitting members.
  Under Demand - supply linkage role
  • Assist in conducting Hydrology Information Needs.
  • Assist in design data supply formats.
  • Assists in accurate articulation of views, policies and guide lines.
  • Provide feedback on functional efficiency of the HIS.
  • Participate in workshops, seminars, meetings and other forums of discussions.