HDUG Eligibility
  The membership of the Hydrological Data User Group (HDUG) will be determined by the Government of Maharashtra. The members will be drawn from users of three distinct categories as listed bellow.
  Government Institutions
  Apex level government institutions vested with responsibilities such as:
  • Macro level water resource assessment
  • Planning and policy development
  • Legislation
  • Water use tariff determination
  • Regulation and enforcement etc.
  Second tier institutions (state, municipal or local bodies) involved with the development and delivery, use functions such as:
  • Drinking water supply
  • Irrigation command
  • Hydro power
  • Navigation
  • Shipping and recreation
  • Large-scale industrial water supply.
  • Effluent management etc.
  Voluntary organizations
  Institutions or organization representing users of various groups such as Farmers association :
  • Water users association
  • Industrial association
  • NGOs etc.
  Other Establishments
  Other establishment such as:
  • All professional bodies
  • Universities
  • Associations
  • Individuals engaged with responsibilities of
  1. Operational
  2. Research
  3. Development
  4. Consulting