RTDAS Equipments
Background Objectives RTDAS Network RTDAS Equipments
Equipments proposed for RTDAS
Equipments proposed includes data collection platform, INSAT radio and antenna, GSM/GPRS radio and antenna, water level sensors(shaft encoder, radar sensor, bubbler system), Automated full climate sensors(Temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation),precipitation sensor, gate sensor, solar power and battery, grounding and surge protection, mast and supports, data centre equipments, ancillary equipments and tools(process meter, Watt meters, field computers), ADCP, ADV and electronic current meters. Different types of sensors proposed are as per site conditions requirements.
The data communications employed on RTDAS network will use a combination of INSAT/VSAT satellite communications and GSM/GPRS radio communications.
Project Period
The consultancy assignment period is 42 months which includes model development period of 18 months and help desk facility for 24 months.
The Real Time Data Acquisition System contract period is 18 months and warranty period of 1 year and post warranty period of 4 years.
The World Bank will support project till June 2012.