Real Time DSS-Maharashtra
Background Objectives RTDAS Network RTDAS Equipments
The state experiences flash floods particularly in Western Ghats including Krishna and Upper Bhima basins. For instance, Sangli and Kolhapur districts in Krishna Basin and Pune and Solapur districts in Bhima basin experienced severe flood several times during recent decade. Few photographs are reproduced here (Figure1).
Figure 1 : Photographs of Area Flooded During 2005 -2006 Flood
                   The Water Resources Department (WRD) of Government of Maharashtra (GoM) is entrusted with the surface water resources planning, development and management. A large number of major, medium and minor water resources development projects (reservoirs and weirs) have been constructed in Maharashtra. Though, the reservoirs in Maharashtra are not specifically provided with flood cushion, they have moderated flood peaks to considerable extent by proper reservoir operations. The reservoirs are multipurpose including hydropower, irrigation, domestic and industrial uses and are operated with rigid schedules as single entities based on the historical hydro-meteorological data and experience gained. These methods are often not adequate for establishing optimal operational decisions, especially where integrated operation of multiple reservoirs for flood management is contemplated. In addition, manual data observation and transmission results in a considerable time lag, between data observed in field and its communication to decision making level which sometime leaves little time, for flood forecasts.
                  Therefore, Government of Maharashtra has proposed to upgrade the existing HIS with real time data acquisition system (RTDAS) for Krishna and Bhima basins. Simultaneously, it is proposed to develop a real time streamflow forecasting (RTSF) and reservoir operation system (ROS) in Krishna and Bhima river basins to manage the floods and operate reservoirs optimally for multiple uses.In the Mid Term Review of World Bank aided HP-II (October 1-14, 2009), RTDSS for Maharashtra is included as a new component.
                  It is envisaged that the system would facilitate reservoir operators to act on time and prepare stakeholders for the floods. The forecast of river flow and mapping of flood zone will help in taking the decisions such as evacuation of the likely affecting areas well in advance. In addition, the reservoir operation system would facilitate the optimization of the storages for ensuring flood cushion and improving agricultural productivity.
There are two major components of Real Time Decision Support System:
  • Consultancy services for implementation of a Real Time Stream flow Forecasting and Reservoir Operation System for the Krishna and Bhima River Basins in Maharashtra.
  • Procurement of Goods And Related Services supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of Real Time Data Acquisition System for the Krishna and Bhima River Basins in Maharashtra.